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‘We are a small delegation visiting a “Tales of”-event, but not for the first time! All of us hail from the Northern Realm, one of the five large factions of Mitraspera, sometimes called “the Seals”. It’s one of the oldest seals, founded in 2004, only two years after the Mythodea campaign began.
The North covers the entire northern coast of Mitraspera, spanning from the eastern to the western shoreline, almost entirely separated from the rest of the continent by mountain ranges in the south. It’s home to maybe the widest variety of groups and people. The North is famous for being “the place where the shadows are the deepest, so the light shines the brightest”. You’ll find dark elves, chaos worshippers, and many a figure one should not turn their back on, but also righteous people and even templars of light gods. Still, their battle cry for unity, strength and solidarity (Einigkeit! Stärke! Zusammenhalt!) unites such different groups under the watchful eyes of their Archon and Nyame, as the two highest rulers of each Seal are called. Many a foul tongue might even whisper that without their iron rule, those opposing forces would soon turn against each other, but for now, the North has many common enemies that must be defeated before such a moment could arise.
Right now, we are three people: Ardon Tallomin and Aisala Sorviannas, the two Neches’re, sometimes called “first knights” or “chalices” of her Excellency, the Nyame Ka’Shalee Zress. These are accompanied by Thyrion, a Master of the Elysium and who is tasked with the protection of the dreams of the settlers. A strange company we might be, but we have knowledge to share and armor and weapon ready for battle!
If you are interested in learning more about Mitraspera, its history, or the various factions around, you are invited to meet us at our camp. We are sure to solve many a problem and create many more along the way!’
märkischer bund

Federation of Marches

The “League of the Marches” is a faction that emerged from the ashes of the Freyenmark, a region established by settlers desiring a seal-free territory beyond the control of Archons and Nyames. Originally, the Freyenmark was divided into sections called Schollen, each led by mayors, and governed by the principal, the former first Commissioner Sturmhart Eisenkeil. However, the Freyenmark collapsed due to internal intrigues, Sturmhart’s megalomania, which ultimately led to his death, and the manipulations of the Black Ice.
In the wake of this collapse, the League was formed, embodying the collective will of its inhabitants to act for the benefit of Mythodea and its residents. Central to the League’s ethos are the values of personal freedom, dignity, and equality, ensuring that all members live in unity. The Council of the Marches, the highest decision-making body of the League, consists of representatives from each Scholle, along with ministers and officials, all dedicated to maintaining these principles.
The League’s governance is characterized by its inclusive and democratic nature. Council meetings are typically public, and any member can request to speak, reflecting the League’s commitment to openness and communal participation. Led by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the council ensures that the voices of all regions are heard and respected, promoting a harmonious and free society within the bounds of Mythodea.


Also known as the “Golden Kingdom,” the Southern Seal is that of Terra. Under its draconic banner, it gathers a wide variety of groups. Orders of chivalry, companies of brave soldiers, fearless barbarian tribes, as well as scholarly orders, guilds of artisans, wealthy merchants, and the wise Edalphi of the Golden City coexist, all united by friendship, loyalty to the elements, and a common fight against the Forsaken.
Stretching from the ruins of Doerchgardt Fortress in the west to the White City of the Naldar in the east, the Southern Seal stands on the front lines against the undead threat. The destruction of Ankor Mortis seemed to provide a respite for the southern armies, but the return of King Garvan threatens to upheave everything, and thus a delegation loyal to the Southern Archon has joined the Wardens’ expedition.


Crawling through the dirt yet keeping its crowned head high and its deadly fangs bared, the Basilisk symbolizes its members very well. Founded by three individuals with noble visions and ruthless methods, the Basilisk gathered several dozens like-minded individuals, ready to do what needed to be done for the good of the continent and its people.
Balancing light and shadow in their activities, they acquired power, many allies and quite a few enemies. After years of putting their lives on the line and a string of successes that saw great tyrants and monsters like Xoros, Timoriel or Shay Ksun Aret put down, the contribution of the Basilisk was rewarded by their own lands.
Settling in a previously unexplored part of the Northern Seal, the new Protectorate of Kaas is now their home. However, with Mitraspera dying, struck by the Cataclysm, the Basilisk could not rest in its nest. Its members realized that they would need a bigger alliance of individuals as driven as they are and so, the Basilisk has been at the origin of the Wardens which has inherited all its lofty ideals and some of its unscrupulous means.

Black Phalanx

he Black Phalanx is a group of holy warriors dedicated to the One, our tutelary god, who sent us in this new world for redemption with Lyra and Magika as their guide.
We pursue a sacred mission to maintain equilibrium and combat malevolent forces (usually the Forsaken) to create a harmonious world.
We used to work with the Crown of Creation and live in the Golden City, but times have changed and now we are allied with the Realm of Roses and defending the Atelier.
We like pitched battles that we usually attend with heavy armors and shields.

Drada D'issan

Originally founded on the surface by and for the dark elves, Drada D’issan is a Protekterate in the North, now mainly inhabited by humans and drows. More recently, elves have begun to settle here. Other races, such as Goblins and Duergars, are also present in small numbers. The Protektorate of Drada D’issan is led by its Protektor Brandir […] Jaelrebrodr Hermodarson Xorosbani, a human. Active members are mainly fighters, mages, alchemists, and diplomats. 

Despite being a group founded by Drows, the Spider Godess Lolth has never been worshipped. The most worshipped deities are the Elements, The Masked Lady, Vhaeraun and more recently, Eilistraee. 

Generally speaking, Drada D’issan aims to cooperate with its local allies in the North, in particular the Ost Noir, Exilia, the Wardens and the Basilisk, and to help the Protektorate prosper. One of Drada D’issan’s objectives is to establish the presence of the drows on the surface. To assert their rights, show that they are not all followers of Lolth, and to ensure that, like all other races, they can prosper on the surface in peace and cooperation with other nations.

The Drada D’issan delegation will consist of the Protektor, his guard, the Edonil Merchant Guild and recently arrived emissaries from Eilistraee.

Company of Yggdrasil

The Company of Yggdrasil is a motley group of travelers and wanderers. Its members travel across worlds in search of wealth, adventure, or just beer. They arrived on the world of Mytraspera with the aim of taking a ‘vacation’, but it seems they need to rethink their plans, and apparently hunting the undead is quite common in this world. Considering the recent troubles they’ve had with the undead, the Company of Yggdrasil will not turn down the opportunity.

Septima Dies Pervertit

6 years ago, a group of warriors sent on crusade by the Holy See found themselves unexpectedly on the continent of Mythodea.
It didn’t take them long to realise that the creatures inhabiting these lands were a far greater threat than any of the heresies feared by the Sovereign Pontiff.
Armed with this realisation, they decided to put their weapons at the service of the local rulers, and it wasn’t long before they were noticed and granted vast tracts of land, including exploitable forests, a river, a port and a cathedral.
From their stronghold, using a portal opened with the help of the locals, part of the group returned to the Holy City to report to the Patriarch, who sent reinforcements to conquer this new land.
But the members of the group who had remained in Mythodea, surrounded by magic and chimeras, began to distance themselves from the dogmas of the Holy See and slowly but surely slide towards an altered version of their basic faith, some of them taking themselves to be incarnations of Archangels who had given themselves various missions such as restoring balance or returning the dead to the resting place they were supposed to be in.
Led with a firm hand by a Confessor as holy as she is implacable, this troop has a single objective: to defeat the enemies who threaten their lands and those of their allies, whatever the cost and even if it means defying all prohibitions.

The end justifies the means


The Vaettirs come from different backgrounds, but they are all guided by a single objective: to roam and explore all the lands they come across in order to make new allies or glean any knowledge that could make them stronger. And thus, they prepare for the great final battle, the one that will ravage the world.

Fabulous Panting Marauders

The Fabulous Panting Marauders form one of the most strange and unorthodox groups. While some are certain they have heard their name somewhere before, others have no idea where this company, where the exceptional seems to meet the odds and ends, comes from. They announce no allegiance. Their herald is clear: What can you offer them to make them act on your side? However, when asked to specify the technical skills of their band, it becomes more vague: “Object or skill, ask, the Fabulous Panting Marauders will find what you need!”
The best way to learn more about them? Share a pint and listen to their… peculiar… adventures.


Basic information & tickets

“Death is not the end, it is a beginning…” 

Tales of the Dead War is an official LARP in the universe of Mythodea. It will take place from the 05.07 to the 07.07.2024 in Berlens. Il will immerse 170 participants in epic adventures and devastating battles.

Tickets are available on

After purchasing their tickets, pariticipants must fill this form. 

 Minors must be accompanied at all times by their legal guardian. Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to take part in the battles.

Further information will be sent to participants at a later date.

Location & Date

Tales of the Dead War will take place at the Route des Glànes in Berlens. 

Parking spots will be available on site.

Participants may arrive on Friday 05.07 starting from noon.

The game will start on Friday 05.07 at 18:00.

The game will end on Sunday at noon.

Food & Sleeping

The meals of Friday evening, Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday morning are included in the ticket price. If you have any dietary requirements, please indicate them in the participant form.

Participants must bring their own tents and sleeping gear. The “in game” tents must have a medieval appearance. There will be a special location for the “out game” tents (modern appearance). 



The continent of Mitraspera is a wild place filled with ancestral mysteries and mortal dangers. The settlers who arrived two decades ago are constantly fighting for survival in the face of the implacable enemies who stand before them. 

Divided into numerous medieval kingdoms, the peoples of Mitraspera are joining forces in great crusades to repel the darkness. However, numerous cataclysms in recent years have weakened them and pushed the world to the brink of collapse.

Isolated from the rest of the world by an esoteric shield, the salvation of Mitraspera and its settlers may lie on other continents, and they are preparing to mount daring expeditions, but the threats they leave behind will not be ignored.

King Garvan and the Undead Flesh

One of Mythodea’s most terrifying threat is the Undead Flesh. These cursed beings require replacement parts for their constantly decomposing bodies, which they harvest from the living who have the misfortune to fall into their hands. 

Undead society is as hierarchical as it is religious, honoring their saints and masters with every action. Presenting themselves as the true masters of Mythodea, their hatred for the colons is unquenchable. 

Grouped into multiple feudal warrior hosts, they serve King Garvan, whose implacable will is inexorable.  Garvan is immortal, thanks to the magical artifacts to which he has bound his existence.  After the destruction of their capital at Ankor Mortis, he deployed his countless armies to protect them.

The Wardens

Among the various banners of settlers stands that of the “Wardens”, a heterogenous group fully dedicated to the protection of Mythodea and its inhabitants. Coming from all walks of life, their members are united by a single motivation: to do what must be done to ensure the survival of the continent’s peoples.

Made up of several independent lodges carrying out a variety of missions, the Wardens are on all the most critical fronts. With the resurgence of King Garvan, they find themselves trying to find ways to effectively combat this most tenacious of threats. 

Their pragmatic vision and efficient members have enabled the Wardens to achieve several victories, but these will be in vain if Garvan succeeds in dominating beyond Mythodea’s borders.

The Toten Mauer

Among King Garvan’s most tenacious warrior hosts, the steel-armored troops of the Toten Mauer are a nightmare for settlers. Their general, Leonus, rules his orderly cohorts with an iron fist. 

In addition to its exceptional resilience, the Toten Mauer has another distinctive feature that sets it apart from Garvan’s other legions: its members are mainly settlers converted to the undead cause, lured by the promise of wealth and eternal existence.

Their remote lands were spared the shockwave following the destruction of their capital, Ankor Mortis, and the Toten Mauer now stands as one of the most dangerous armies of their King.


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